The Players










The Non-Player Characters (NPC)



Bill Moreland

Bill is that guy whose ambition in life is to be the next George R.R. Martin. He lives in an RV parked at his mom’s house, trying to finish his epic fantasy novel, that curiously bears some semblance to “Game of Thrones.” During his free time, he DMs Steve’s game nights where most of his campaigns take place in Westeros.



Josh Liebowitz

Josh is Amelia’s best (human) friend at school who shares in her same gaming interests. Josh will inevitably follow in Steve’s footsteps in being only “the friend,” as Amelia tries to defy her mother’s influence over men.



Greg Santiago

Greg is Kristin’s on-again/off-again boyfriend/boss. Unlike the others, she’s quite attached to this one. Who can resist a suave guy with salt and pepper hair in a sleek suit? (For all you George Clooney-lovers out there)