Linder Pak, writer/creator

(part-time FB troll)

Linder-dwarf Linder Pak is an aspiring screenwriter with a heart of (platinum) gold.  She is the “mastermind” behind Dramatic Neutral. In her past lifetime, she was a violinist and classical singer – the latter she went to school for, and regretted it ever since.

With her musical career plummeting like Wile E. Coyote falling off a cliff, she needed some other outlet to project her creative soul.  That is when screenwriting entered her life.  She can’t say why screenwriting – why not fiction writing?  She thinks it’s because she has no narrative prose to save her life.   Or is it descriptive prose?

She began her self-taught screenwriting studies in 2008, and since then, she’s written over 8 feature-length pieces, and produced several short films.

In 2011, Linder took on a boring job and that’s where she met Animeg.  Linder and Animeg share a passion for storytelling, although they work in different artistic mediums.

She encourages you to stalk her Twitter, because nobody ever tweets her.  And if you really like her, you can read her nonsense on her neglected blog, that she has tried in vain to maintain.

While working on Dramatic Neutral , the webcomic, Linder will continue her screenwriting passion, in hopes that one of her feature-lengths will be produced.  Hahahaha…ha…ha…ha…

Until then, she will just have to continue to dream big.


Animeg, artist and story collaborator

Animeg-brownieAnimeg is an artist, writer, wife, mother, plotter, schemer, daydreamer, occasional source of endless patience and has even been known to sculpt once in a while. Though with relation to Dramatic Neutral, she primarily handles the layout and main artwork for the comic pages, as well as offering a little creative suggestion to Linder’s fantastic writing.

Much like Linder, Animeg’s schooling was in a completely different direction, and it wasn’t until after college, in August of 2001, that she found her first inspiration in writing/drawing comics with a fantasy/comedy story called Black as White (currently on hiatus, but hopefully not for much longer.) Through the years of on and off dabbling with this story, her art skill grew, as did her love of this medium.

In 2011, Black as White hit a bit of a road block, but a new story had begun (co-written with another friend) Rival Hearts: another fantasy (seeing a trend?) but far more serious.

And then she met Linder and got caught up in all of her amazing writing projects. She will openly take responsibility for suggesting that Linder turn the original Dramatic Neutral plotline into a webcomic. The prospect of drawing this kind of back and forth storyline was just too enticing. And Animeg loves a good drawing challenge.

Speaking of challenges: aside from drawing/writing for two (or possibly more) webcomics, Animeg also designs images for children’s clothing, attends anime conventions selling these clothes as well as character buttons, fits in some occasional doodling (available on both Instagram and Tumblr), raises two young children (and a husband), and works a full time job (albeit a boring one and from home.)



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