Happy Dramatic Tuesday!

This page became quite a contentious one for the writer and artist.  It’s inevitable where two creatives clash over characters’ motives, and how the scene should be presented.

It began with a preliminary story sketch, and when I went back to rethink through the progression of the pages, me and my flighty imagination wanted to go and change things.

This is where Animeg pulled the brakes on me.

This page is the preliminary sketch I had in mind when I drafted up page 8.

Then Animeg, with her keen insight on character development, asked me a slew of questions, like how Kristin can be so utterly clueless about everything.  My justification is that she is one of those (like me) who live in this fantasy world, that is quite off-base from reality.

When I came back to this page, I wanted to change it so that Amelia, a fervent D&D-er, realizes that it’s not that far off from Mall Madness; and of course, she has disdain for anything girly (i.e. anything Kristin likes).  In Mall Madness, you have a board set-up, and you’re given credit cards and other currency, and there’s a computer-thingy that tells you what to do — kinda acting like the DM.

I had to bring in several referees to settle our dispute.  Animeg ended up winning in the end.  However, one of the referees, Brad, came up with a good idea to resolve both arguments.  Even though Animeg had already inked page 8, there was some time to change it to include Brad’s suggestion, but I opted to keep it.  I didn’t want to set up a bad precedence of changing my mind once a scene’s been inked.

Anyway, I hope you still like the outcome 🙂

Thanks to those who helped settled the score:  Bryan, Christian, Brad, and Ozzie.

I can admit when I’m wrong…sometimes 🙂

And by the way, I  never played Mall Madness, and I always wished I had.  I was envious of girls who had Mall Madness in their homes.  Monopoly was/is lame.


xoxo Linder and Animeg