Welcome back to another installment of Dramatic Tuesday! Today we have for you a clear example of “trying too hard”. Or maybe just “Clue-Less!” ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, enjoy Kristin’s failed attempts and then wait to see what she does next. Wouldn’t you like to know? Me too! (No wait. I just might already know. Mwahahahaha!)

Clearly it is bedtime for the Animeg. Life has been hectic, but I live for the art times when they come. (Those who tell you that being unemployed gives you all the time to do everything just don’t realize how much of a full time job job-hunting can be.
Well, I think some of it is kids at home.ย  School starts next week!) Maybe I can breathe then. After I finish page 33.

This has been your disjointed post. Next week should return you to your regularly scheduled bout of Linder sanity.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading! ^_^