Aaanndd…we’re back!

Sorry (again) for the unannounced short hiatus.  It wasn’t planned.  Things, and life, got in the way.  Rest assured, we intend to plow forth with Chapter 1 (Level 0).  So much story to cram in!

I’m not too happy with the font in the last panel, and I will try to fix that later tonight.  It was the font used for the first call, but then I didn’t use it for the second call.  Way to keep it consistent, Linder!

There are some minor tweaks to be done later today, but I wanted to get the comic posted.  And I wanted to showcase the riddle, an Animeg original!

It is Tuesday after all, and traffic was especially sucky!

Hope you enjoy the page!

xoxo Linder and Animeg