Happy Dramatic Tuesday!

I profusely apologize for missing last week.  Things were hectic, I was exhausted, oh, and little one got pneumonia.  The whole entire week, starting from the Saturday before last, was just one big blur.  I’m still trying to recover.

But fear not, my Dramatic Neutralers, we will find a way to get back on track!

Last week was not all bad.  In fact, I won a award.  Well, you know of that screenwriting “hobby” I had?  Well, it has paid off!  My screenplay, Wedding Fever, has won the award for Best Screenplay for Romantic Comedy!  Read all about it!!

Anyways, back to the comic!  If anyone knows of a vampire-themed diner, please let me know!  I know they exist somewhere.  If not, then that might be my next calling.  Forget screenwriting!

xoxo Linder and Animeg