Happy Dramatic Tuesday!

I’m surprised I was able to get the comic up in time.  I was a bit behind this week, due to having a sinus and ear infection.  Somehow, I’ve been plagued with the kiddie diseases.

I’m soldiering on.  No pity for the arteest.

We get a glimpse of Kristin’s multitasking ability to schedule dates.  Scheduling dates with several different suitors is a full-time job.   There’s the actual scheduling, then you have to make sure you’re not double booking, and on the date, you have to make sure you have the names and their vocations correct.  Slip ups are not permitted.

It’s not as easy as you think.   She should be the Director of Meetings at my work.

Hope you enjoy this week’s comic.   Now back to online shopping.  Thank God for Prime.


xoxo Linder and Animeg