Happy Veteran’s Day!  Thank you to all those who have served or are serving!  Hats off and honor to you!

I have to give kudos to Animeg for this page.  Kristin in panel 3 looks hot, yet so pensive.

Animeg and I have been plotting and plotting.  In each comic, we try to reveal more about Kristin’s character, but try to move the story forward.  Because we only update once a week, getting to those plot points is tricky, because we can’t drag out bits too much (or else we’ll never get to the story), but we don’t want them to be too abrupt, when you read the comic in sequential order.

Here, we try to give you some insight on Kristin’s flighty personality.  Her life, outside her dating life, is in chaos.  It’s ironic that her date schedule is the only thing she keeps in tact.

To each their own, my friends.

But she’ll soon change that — or Calista will…

Till next time, stay dramatic!

xoxo Linder and Animeg