Happy Tuesday, all!

Here we jump into a gaming fantasy and we are introduced to Amelia, Steve, and Josh, in their D&D alter-ego form.

We decided to have some fun with their D&D characters.

Many of you might notice Josh’s D&D character bears some semblance to that Marvel superhero with the blond hair and viking helmet.  It was purely by accident.  Whenever I think about a battle dwarf, a stocky man with a grisly beard and viking horns come to mind.

I  dare you to show me a clean shaven battle dwarf with no viking helmet!  They don’t exist!

Maybe I have no imagination.

But whatever you do, don’t insult his helmet.

He wouldn’t like it if you insult his helmet.

And as for Steve, he dreams of being the hunk who saves that damsel in distress — whoever she may be.  And you can say that he might have a little bit of a man-crush on Fabio.



xoxo Linder and Animeg.