Hello everyone!

This was the previous cover chapter for Chapter 1, but Animeg designed a really cool cover for our booklet cover, and we had to go with that.

While this is just a one panel (1 ¼?) panel comic page, we felt that it is appropriate to start off simple.  Here we get a few details:

  1. This is our protagonist.
  2. She is hot.
  3. The ellipses after “So Lester…” indicates that she has something to ask, and with her sultry eyes, one can presume that she usually gets what she wants.

I promise you that Page 2 will be exciting, and I can’t wait to show you Page 3.  We’re cooking up a juicy storyline 🙂

It will be an exciting series indeed.


And for those coming out to AnimeUSA, please stop by Animeg’s table!


Linder and Animeg