Hello all, and welcome to Dramatic Neutral!

Some of you have been wondering why Linder’s been reading up on all the D&D literature and asking a bunch of D&D questions.

Well, this is why (and yes, I refer to myself in the 3rd person).

If you’ve read in the Backstory page, Dramatic Neutral started out as a screenplay concept.  It was supposed to be like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, but the story would keep track of experience points and hit points.  The technicality of D&D kinda brought it down for me, but I knew this story was too good to simply abandon.

Animeg, my dear artist friend, has helped me through  my plotting struggle with Dramatic Neutral, the screenplay, and she’s even helped me come up with this fantastic title.

We’ve decided that this could work better in a webcomic medium.  A D&D based romantic comedy should be visual, and Animeg is a fantastic artist.  Talk about serendipity!

Dramatic Neutral will update on Tuesdays.  We hope to update more in future chapters, but we’re easing ourselves in.  We’re dipping-toes-in-cold-water kind of women.  Maybe it’s because we’re moms.

Page 1 will go up on Tuesday.

Oh, and I should mention that Animeg will be at AUSA from October 3-5.

Please stop by our (her) table!!  She’s got a BUNCH of cool things varying from our sample comic to character buttons, to character onesies…

And please check out her other webcomic:  www.rivalhearts.com

That’s enough plug for now.

See you on Tuesday!

Linder and Animeg.