Chapter 1 / Level 0
A glimpse into Kristin’s antics, before her world is turned upside down when she realizes that she and Amelia are not BFFs.  She recruits the help of Steve, Amelia’s (adult) gaming friend to help her understand her daughter, and tell her what she must do to earn Amelia’s respect. 
Page 001. Let The Games Begin Page 021. Why won’t she take my call?
Page 002. That Lovely Smile of Yours Page 022.  Rogue Whisperer
Page 003. No One Insults the Helmet Page 023. The Tenth Pancake is Free!
Page 004. We Be Pirate Trolls Page 024. Stay for a Bite
Page 005. Best Foot Forward Page 025. It Takes a Sympathetic Ear
Page 006. Knock, Knock, Knock Page 026. Strike Out
Page 007. Date Planner Page 027. Do You Feel Lucky?
Page 008. Dungeons and Drama Page 028. Balancing Act
Page 009. Brace Yourself
Page 010. Hello Kiddie!
Page 011. Making Appointments
Page 012. Just a Little Something
Page 013. Boys will be Boys
Page 014. Besties
Page 015. The Truth Hurts
Page 016. That’s Your Mom?
Page 017. Revelations
Page 018. Leave a Message
Page 019. My Lawful Good in Shining Armor
Page 020. Quick Responses, Quicker Rebuffs