A carefree woman with a penchant for married men takes a chance on dating single guys, but finds herself attracted to her male best friend who’s currently attached.  


ABBY NORDIN, a fun-going, sexy woman has seen better days.  Her married boyfriend, GREG, dumps her and she has an indelible reputation as a “homewrecker.”  She wants to set herself straight and tries to date “single guys.”  However, the dating world has been harsh on poor Abby.

In the meantime, she realizes that she has a growing attraction to her straight-laced guy friend, STEVE, who has just started dating Abby’s spontaneous roommate, CAMILLE.

Abby wrestles with her feelings and cannot decide if her feeling for Steve is genuine or if it’s simply because he’s currently “unavailable.”


Will Abby be able to face her fears of commitment?  What’s behind her trepidation with relationships?