By Linder Pak

A self-serving mom enters the insidious world of Dungeons and Dragons to repair her relationship with her daughter. 


KRISTIN REPALSKY, an attractive single mom and serial dater, has no qualms of using her looks to attract married men, much to the dismay of her teenage tomboy, AMELIA.  In order for her and her daughter to live a comfortable life, Kristin dates men who have certain useable assets.

One day, Kristin overhears a conversation with Amelia and her non-appointed “babysitter,” STEVE LEE, bad-mouthing her.  She realizes that she’s not the cool mom she thought herself to be and worse, Amelia’s embarrassed by her dependence on men.  She tries to bond with Amelia to no avail.  They are just too different.  Kristin is Jimmy Choo and Chanel; Amelia is Dragonball Z and World of Warcraft.

Kristin confides in Steve, who is her channel to Amelia.  Steve convinces her to drop all her men and try to make it independently.  He even goes a step further and invites her to be a part of their D&D adventures.

Kristin is at first reluctant in joining their D&D troupe, but as each adventure progresses, she becomes empowered through her character, CALISTA, the Sorceress.  Kristin even goes to exude her inner-Calista to help her dump all her boyfriends, with the exception of the last, crucial man on her list – GREG SANTIAGO, her boss.  She realizes that her cushy job as a receptionist may be compromised as the law firm undergoes a corporate layoff.

As Kristin’s relationship with Amelia improves, she flounders in debt.  Kristin comes to realize that she has been severely crippled.  She can’t pay bills on her income alone, and she can’t find another job because she hasn’t acquired any “useable” skills after fourteen years as a receptionist.  Kristin finds herself at a crossroads, and her short-lived confidence begins to crumble.

Can Kristin become this “super mom” that her daughter has always wanted?  Will she be able to find an even balance of “mom” and “working girl?”

Can she become her own Calista?