DRAMATIC NEUTRAL is a webcomic, created by Linder Pak and Animeg.  Dramatic Neutral started out as a screenplay, as a D&D-based romantic comedy. It follows the adventures of Kristin Repalsky, a serial dater, in her quest to become a self-sufficient mom. Kristin starts her journey when she joins her daughter’s  gaming night.

There, she becomes Calista, an elven sorceress. She carries her D&D alter-ego into her normal life and utilizes the skills that she’s gained from “gaming.”

Dramatic Neutral, the webcomic, debuted at Anime USA 2014, and it will update on Tuesdays.

Why Tuesdays? Because Tuesdays suck. Bad things usually happen on Tuesdays, and Tuesdays have the suckiest traffic of all the days in the week.

It is our way to liven your Tuesday.

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Now, if you like to read more on Dramatic Neutral, click on the links below:


BACKSTORY :  The inception of Dramatic Neutral and how it all began.


THE ORIGINAL SCRIPT:  An excerpt of the first 11 pages of the original script.  Names/DD characters have changed.  This was an early concept of the story, before I had any understanding of what D&D actually is.


ONE SHEET:  What the industry calls a “one sheet.”  A one sheet encapsulates the essence of your movie — from the visual concept to the story’s plot and tone.